Arnold van Wijnbergen is a dad, husband, technology geek and energetic person. He is an advisor, architect, chief and subject expert in the field of Cloud Native technology, especially around Observability. You can find him almost at every interesting Meetup near Amsterdam, which cover interesting DevSecOps, Cloud Native or Continuous Delivery topics.

Arnold loves to be creative, solve complex problems and act with a helicopter view. He’s eager to learn new things and help colleagues. As my colleagues say: If you don’t know how to solve it, just ask Arnold!

Currently he is principal at Fullstaq and interim product owner at Albert Heijn. As Principal Arnold advices and supports the management by enabling and guiding open source projects we do for Venafi in the DevSecOps domain. Furthermore he helps and empowers customers that are going for next-level observability and monitoring approaches, that fit Cloud Native.

Previously he was the lead principal consultant at Devoteam, where he was responsible for the Operations business unit and led the organisational transition towards our new portfolio around Elastic, RedHat and ServiceNow. For that achievement he received an award for the most innovative contribution towards Devoteam.

During the last 20+ years Arnold has worked at many large enterprises in the financial, insurance, government and retail industry. To maintain his expertise and keep it at the right level he harvest knowledge by frequently visiting conferences, absorb tutorials and validate my knowledge with online courses like Cloud Guru, Edx and Coursera. Over the years he received over 20+ certifications (CKA | CKAD | AWS | AZURE | RHCE | TOGAF | ELASTIC | HASHICORP | Cloud* | Monitoring* ) that assessed his skills. Besides technology he also has diplomas around ISEB Business Analysis and NEMAS Middle Management that have helped him understanding, advising, solving complex business problems and bringing value to the customer.

Currently his main technology stack exists of AWS or Azure, Elastic, Kafka, Prometheus, Grafana and Kubernetes with high interest in architecture, enabling Elastic Cloud Kubernetes (ECK), teach Chaos Engineering and love everything about Observable services like with Service Meshes.

If your company is looking for this expertise or you just have a great opportunity for me !!! you can contact me, but be aware I’m only interested in the following roles with a large dose of technology and innovation. Keywords are ; but not limited to Chief (CTO), Architecture, Technologist, Strategist, PreSales, DevOps, Ops Advocate.