Arnold van Wijnbergen

Hello, my name is Arnold 🙂DevOpsDays2016

I’m a technology geek and energetic person . I’m always busy with technology hands-on with my Raspberry PI, Scratch/Python Coding with the kids or just attending one of my favorite Meetups.

I love to be creative, solve complex problems and act with a helicopter view. I’m eager to learn new things and help colleagues. As my colleagues say : If you don’t know how to solve it, just ask Arnold !

Currently I work at Devoteam as a Principal consultant. As Principal consultant I’m  responsible for coaching the competences around DevOps, Data Analytics and IT Service Excellence.


Currently work @ Devoteam as Principle Consultant

I’m an independent advisor, coach and consultant from Devoteam. I’m specialized in IT Life-cycle matters to improve quality and efficiency of operational control of IT4IT business. To achieve this I combine Lean principles with DevOps culture, because I strongly believe in the power of culture and self-steering teams. My broad experience in Monitoring and Automation tooling implementations ranges from midsize till enterprise scale, formed mainly in the banking, insurance, governance, retail, telco and service provider branches. At ING I’m currently EA Domain Architect within the IT4IT domain which is responsible for advising management and coaching DevOps teams with improving their IT4IT capabilities.

Knowledge Sharing is one of my Key Principles

Knowledge sharing is one of the important things within a team. Without sharing things, teams less efficient and can introduce ‘waste’ within their value stream. That’s way within Devoteam, I’m a Digital Transformaker and share Knowledge as Knowledge Community lead for DevOps.

Want to know more ? Just look at the following YouTube movie.