Arnold van Wijnbergen

Hello, my name is Arnold ūüôāDevOpsDays2016

I’m a technology geek and energetic person . I’m always busy with technology hands-on with my Raspberry PI, Scratch/Python Coding with the kids or just attending one of my favorite Meetups.

I¬†love to be creative, solve complex problems and act¬†with a helicopter view. I’m¬†eager to learn new things and help colleagues. As my colleagues say : If you don’t know how to solve it, just ask Arnold !

Currently I work¬†at Devoteam as a Principal consultant. As Principal consultant I’m ¬†responsible for coaching the competences around DevOps, Data Analytics and IT Service Excellence.


Currently work @ Devoteam as Principle Consultant

I’m an independent advisor, coach and consultant from Devoteam. I’m¬†specialized in IT Life-cycle matters to improve quality and efficiency of operational control of IT4IT business. To achieve this I combine Lean principles with DevOps culture, because I¬†strongly believe in the power of culture and self-steering teams. My¬†broad experience in Monitoring and Automation tooling implementations ranges from midsize till enterprise scale, formed mainly in the banking, insurance, governance, retail, telco and service provider branches. At¬†ING I’m currently EA Domain Architect within the IT4IT domain¬†which is responsible for advising management and coaching DevOps teams with improving their IT4IT¬†capabilities.

Knowledge Sharing is one of my Key Principles

Knowledge sharing is one of the important things within a team. Without sharing things, teams less¬†efficient and can introduce ‘waste’ within their value stream. That’s way within Devoteam,¬†I’m a Digital Transformaker and share Knowledge as Knowledge Community lead for DevOps.

Want to know more ? Just look at the following YouTube movie.