My visit to DevoXX 2017 Antwerp the Java Developer Conference

Last week Wednesday I visited DevoxX. DevoxX is the largest Java developer conference in Antwerp. Long drive, but who doesn’t want to go to Antwerp for the famous Belgian beers 🙂

After a drive of about 2+ hours I arrived at the venue “Kinepolis Antwerp”. After the smooth registration and good mug of coffee, I stormed directly towards the exhibition floor. After a warm welcome by Stephan Janssen the conference kicked off with the start keynote “Moving Java faster forward faster – overflow” presented by Mark Reinhold (Oracle).

After the second beginning keynote “CERN, from an IT Perspective – Overflow”, the mood really came in. Let’s say that Derek Mathieson really gave us his representation of the  “Big Bang” theory. For the people that do not know CERN, take a look here.

The last beginning keynote was given by Kevlin Henney, who took us through the sense and nonsense of velocity. I’d say this was really my favorite keynote for that day.

For the rest of the day I did not have to get bored. My favorite topics about Apache Kafka, Serverless (including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Lambda) and Java performance came over many times. Because of the many parallel sessions, I could not attend everything, but “long live Youtube” and streaming capabilities these days.

Second day I enjoyed the hands-on workshop on Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Tensorflow deployments. Also I’ve met some great people and shared my thoughts on my favorite topics like DevOps, Elastic and Jenkins. The closing Keynote was called “The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine by Berit Anderson” and yes this was also great insight research on the use / abuse of Artificial Intelligence. I really learned some great stuff and want to share this with you.

Looking back these days I really can recommend these days to fellow software engineers.

Below my top 5