DevOps Collaboration

Atlassian Confluence 

Atlassian is one of the most popular vendors for DevOps collaboration. Confluence delivers excellent platform for project, team and personal knowledge sharing. Content differs from roadmaps, designs drawings or just old fashion documentation. Many additional features like blueprints, templates, feedback, restrictions, versioning and sharing are available in the base product. But if you need a integration or just  a great theme many functionality is available as plugin and promoted at the Marketplace. Software runs on both Linux and Windows.

Atlassian JIRA

JIRA is almost the de facto standard for digitalising team scrum boards and their backlog. JIRA enables teams to plan, track, release and report on their agile projects. JIRA supports both Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Besides the standard workflow JIRA supports custom workflows which makes it easy to create your own software development feedback loop. Think about integration with your CI/CD or ChatOps tooling. Just like with Confluence many plugins are available.

Atlassian HipChat

Another great product from the Atlassian product portfolio that support the ChatOps philosophy. HipChat is all about direct collaboration like (group) chat, screen-sharing, video and HipBots. HipBots are better known as ChatBots and can be seen as your virtual assistant or team member. Restart a service ? or just initiate a deployment just ask your ChatBot 🙂


Looking for a free platform for planning your projects the Agile way with great mobile app and nice Google / Gmail integration ? Then Asana can support you !!! Asana makes it easy to create, assign and work on your tasks. Projects tasks can be viewed in a list or column way. Free version is delivered with some basic dashboards and search capabilities.


Who doesn’t use Slack ? You can use the basic free version or  go for the paid versions. Slack is based on IRC concepts like persistent chat rooms or channels with additional ChatOps features like screen-sharing, video calls, media and bot support. Since the chat rooms are persistent messages can be easily searched and archived.  For many applications (called Apps)there is an integration available and many coming.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Many people only think about Microsoft .NET/C#/F# development using TFS and Visual Studio, but this isn’t true anymore. Nowadays Microsoft has started a big adoption of Open Source Software and great support for Java, JavaScript and other languages like PHP, Python and even Golang. With TFS,  Microsoft delivers a complete collaboration platform for on-premise implementations. Last but not least you must be aware of the differences between TFS (On-premise) and their cloud offering called Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS in short). More information about this differences, see this article.


Enterprises that need to support the service delivery process with a portal, ticketing and workflows for managing their operational IT processes or one fully integrated platform for managing their IT use ServiceNow. ServiceNow is started as next generation modernized ITSM cloud platform and is grown to a full IT life-cycle solution, which easily can deploy new applications for managing your programs, projects, backlogs or just help you to develop your own applications using RAD Development technology. Collaboration is a core part of the Now platform, most important features are called visual task boards, Connect and Knowledge management. Connect is fully integrated with the delivered Cloud Solutions like ITSM. Knowledge management helps teams to share knowledge and help end users to solve their requests before the become incidents.