Monitoring Love

Elastic (BLEK) Stack

Do you want insight in your logs and metrics ? System or Security related ? Elastic stack is the solution that can help you with that! The stack exists of Beats, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana. Beats can be used as lightweight data shipper, examples are Filebeat, Metricbeat and Dockerbeat. Logstash can be used as data shipper, but mainly loves to index your data towards elasticsearch. Data can be indexed direct from the logsource or using a buffering mechanism like Apache Kafka, Redis or RabbitMQ. Elasticsearch is a document store, which is based on Apache Lucene search technology. Elasticsearch is a distributed data store which makes it excellent for scaling and resilience. Also the elasticsearch data store API works great for enterprise search solutions. Kibana is the final product that is used for visualization and dashboarding of the data. All the products mentioned above are free of charge and open source. For enterprises and some awesome capabilities like Graph, MachineLearning and Security the X-Pack is available. X-Pack is a plugin based installation for the stack products and requires a license (or trial period). Lately an APM capability is added to the stack, which makes it fully capable for monitoring, managing, analyse and alert your IT landscape.


Started in the early years of the cloud around 2010 Splunk became popular.