Gave talk at the professional network of ITGilde


End of February 2018 Pieter Izeboud asked me if I wanted to give a talk around Elastic. For a professional network of passionate people I definitely say Yes. I’m that person that really want to share my ideas around DevOps and Tooling topics. After arriving at the ITGilde, Kees Remmelzwaal kicked off the Meetup with a nice Sensu/Elastic talk. For people that don’t know Sensu ; Sensu is one of the initiatives that took the step to create a scalable and message-based Monitoring platform. Many people may do know the video from the creator of Sensu, called “Stop using Nagios”. Still my preferred Nagios replacement is Icinga2 🙂

After the first talk we had a short break to discuss various use cases around Elastic and Sensu. In 15 minutes the stage was mine and took all participants through the Journey of a full blown Elastic Stack implementation for Security Analytics purposes. Really happy about all the good questions they have got, because this really made the talk interactive. Below some pictures that show the great atmosphere and audience. After this great success Pieter and I already made another appointment in our agenda for a more hands-on “technical depth” session for the end of this year.

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